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Let’s take a look at Musk’s criminality

Let’s take a look at Musk’s criminality: This abusive billionaire got all of his companies funded with the corruption of taxpayer money in exchange for bribes to Feinstein and White House staff.

Driving a Tesla supports political payola & racketeering. Tesla batteries have burned drivers alive & release fumes which cause: cancer, brain/liver/lung damage & mutate fetuses; explode when wet or bumped; come from war profiteering in the Middle East; can’t be recycled; get more dangerous over time and are non-domestic risks to national security. Tesla = Uncool Car! Type: “tesla corruption” & “elon musk government mooch” in any non-google search engine

Musk spies on & sabotages competitors, bribes politicians, abuses women and is constantly sued for fraud. He bought all of his Twitter, Reddit, etc. likes and tweets and is an ego-maniacal narcissist. The only thing “insane” about any pre-orders is that only insane yuppie assholes would be insane enough to order any. Most of the “pre-order” are fake orders created by Musk to pump-and-dump TSLA stock valuations again. ie: http://www.capitolcrimesquad.com


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