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How Dangerous Are Battery Factories to Workers and Communities

The Gigafactory: Death In The Desert

When reporter Andy Barron was attacked and beat-up by Elon Musk’s hench-men at the construction site for the Nevada Tesla “Gigafactory”, the toxic secret about Tesla’s dirty plans started to unravel.

Was the death of Gary D. Conley, the Cleantech CEO found with a bullet in his head, in the scrub brush behind the Air Force base, also connected to this? Conley blew the whistle on side-by-side federal funding scammers Solyndra (Raided by the FBI) and Tesla.

There are quite a large number of beat-up, harassed and dead bodies in this tale!

To understand why a “green car company” might go to such lengths you need to go to the drugstore and buy a big sponge and a little bottle of black India ink.

Get a one inch, or thicker, sponge that is super dry, not one of those slightly moist kinds. Try to find one about 4 inches by 6 inches.

Now take a dinner plate and pour about a quarter inch of ink on it.

Now drop the perfectly dry sponge on top of the ink and OBSERVE!

The black stain starts at the bottom of the sponge and creeps UP, through the whole sponge, until the entire sponge is black. That was interesting but…wait, something isn’t right, you say to yourself…GRAVITY! Huh?

Yes, you just watched something seem to “defy gravity”. A material, on it’s own, seemed to go up, and left and right, against the flow of gravity. But, wait, that’s not what you were taught in school!

That plate full of black goo is the Tesla Gigafactory and it’s run-off, that dry sponge 500 miles of the dry desert soil of Nevada. The black goo, itself, is one of the most lethal cocktails of chemicals that mankind has ever attempted to commercialize.

The reason the Tesla Gigafactory is hidden behind sand-swept berms in the desert is because they don’t want you to notice it. They want it to deliver it’s toxic package to the soil, air and workers of Nevada in a tidy, hidden package.

Those toxins can move through hundreds and hundreds of miles of the air.

Those toxins can move DOWN through miles and miles of soil and then SIDEWAYS, in every direction, for over 500 miles! Yes, solid soil has toxic rivers that creep through it, and never stop spreading. Tesla is a Death Factory.

In China and other parts of Asia, the same kind of battery factories have killed thousands of workers, poisoned hundreds of towns and inflicted tens of thousands of people with deadly diseases and mutated babies. Elon Musk and Harry Reid knew that these dangers existed by they wanted the tens of millions of dollars in profit, that they plan to make off of this factory.

All of the current Tesla batteries and every future planned Tesla batteries using chemicals which are proven, without question, and by the U.S. Government, to be deadly. When mixed together they become worse. While mixing them together, as a worker, they kill you in an amazing number of ways. This is not speculation. Read the federal MSDS sheets on each chemical and combination of chemicals.

Look at what happens to a worker even 100 feet from the dust created by the powders used in the batteries. Those powders can travel to Reno and Las Vegas, on the wind, in minutes.

Elon Musk says: “Don’t worry”, walk away, nothing to see here. He says that the only immediate neighbors are “funky whorehouses”, why worry? Know will care about a few poisoned hookers. He lies.

The toxic air and water from the Tesla Gigafactory will reach all of Nevada and Utah and California and keep on going.

Green advocates wring their hands at “Climate deniers” and cry that “Those who ignore scientific facts and historical documentation of damage to humans should be put in jail!”

In the case of the Tesla Gigafactory, The U.S. Government, and every major University has released deeply peer-reviewed scientific proof that Tesla’s battery chemicals explode, cause fires, kill, cause cancer, kill towns, poison crops, travel vast distances in the air and soil, cause brain damage, cause liver damage and mutate the fetus. The indisputable historical facts about these factories in China and Southeast Asia has proven that those dangers always happen.

The scientific proof is rock-solid. To allow the corrupt Tesla operation to continue is a crime against humanity. Elon Musk, and his partners, may even kill to hide this trillion dollar lethal secret.


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