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Lithium ion has caused airplane crashes that killed the occupants.

Lithium ion has set children, Apple stores, senior citizens and homes on fire.

Lithium ion has helped cause foreign wars, in order to mine the minerals for it, in countries that hate the U.S.

Lithium ion has caused U.S. Senators to engage in insider trading corruption.

Lithium ion explodes when it gets wet.

Lithium ion explodes when it gets cracked.

When it self-ignites, it releases cancer-causing fumes, liver-damaging fumes, brain damaging fumes and vapors that damage fetuses.

Lithium ion batteries “go thermal” every 22 minutes, somewhere in the world.

Lithium ion has caused tens of millions of dollars of losses when it just blew up in Tesla, Fisker and other cars.

Lithium ion killed a Tesla owner and burned his body into “an unrecognizable corpse”.

When you smell smoke in your airline cabin, it is usually a lithium ion battery self-ignition.

Members of the United States Congress, particularly Senators, have received over 6 billion dollars of campaign contributions, insider trading stocks and perks from the Lithium ion lobbyists. Some Members of the U.S. Congress will do anything to keep lithium ion from getting regulated.

The missing Asian airliner was carrying tons of lithium ion batteries in it’s cargo hold.

Eric Strickland, the head of the federal agency responsible for regulating lithium ion safety in automobiles, quit the NHTSA, 48 hours after being charged with covering up safety issues.

Panasonic, Tesla’s lithium ion partner, has been charged with racketeering, corruption, product dumping, safety cover-ups, price rigging and other acts of corruption.

China is considered to be one of the least regulated regions for worker safety, yet even China has outlawed battery factories because of the incredible number of worker deaths and nearby village deaths caused by battery manufacturing chemicals.

In a lithium battery manufacturing factory; six out of every eight workers become afflicted with a lethal chemical toxin.  The powder used in these factories floats in the air and is ingested in the pores of the skin, the breath and the tear ducts of the workers. The vapors are absorbed by the skin and lungs and digestive system. Working in, or living near, a battery factory, is considered to be a “death sentence” in many countries.

Because of the deadly nature of lithium battery manufacturing, Tesla could not even find an off-shore factory location. Luckily, their investor, Harry Reid, provided them with space in Nevada next to some prostitution facilities.

A U.S. Laboratory in charge of Lithium ion evaluation: Argonne Laboratories, was owned and controlled by lithium ion investors, and had close relationships with White House staff and campaign investors.

One of the few non-compromised Senators, Chuck Schumer, called for the safety regulation of the lithium ion battery industry due to the increasing numbers of explosions, but was immediately shut down by the Senators who profit from lithium ion.

Steven Chu, the head of the Department of Energy, had his nomination pushed by lithium ion investors, who were also his associates, who were also the only people he awarded Department of Energy funds to; in a very clear case of an organized crime commodity kick-back scheme. His associates sent documents to all of Congress stating that there is “ A trillion dollars of lithium in Afghanistan” and also owned most of the Afghan lithium mining deals.

When another Tesla lithium ion power pack exploded, Tesla said it had asked the federal government to investigate but, it was later discovered, Elon Musk had lied. He had, in fact, been ordered, in writing, to have his Tesla’s safety inspected. THEY WERE NEVER FULLY INSPECTED, THOUGH. Tesla paid a significant bribe to the NHTSA to have the safety investigation curtailed. The public has never seen the full, un-manipulated, self-ignition and toxic fumes testing results for Tesla or Fisker automobiles.

The reason lithium ion exists is because of nearly a trillion dollars of corruption.










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