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A Case Example of The Corruption That Let’s American’s Down:

One of the charges against Elon Musk is that he works with Goldman Sachs and 
Kleiner Perkins to exploit illicit mining commodity deals from off-shore 
interests. The Frank Guistra case has highlighted to power of such deals.

Indeed, Goldman Sachs and Kleiner Perkins has been, instrumentally, connected 
financially, transactionally, politically and personnel-based, to every Musk deal.

The exploitation of illicit Afghan and Bolivian lithium mining deals seems to be 
overt. Musk’s Tesla is made to sell lithium, his Nevada factory is made to sell 
lithium, his home battery company is made to sell lithium, his solar company is 
made to store energy in lithium and his spaceships are powered by lithium. Tesla 
and Solyndra sit on the same plot of land, acquired, managed, staffed by, stock-
owned and constructed upon by his taxpayer cash lobbying Senator: Dianne 
Feinstein. Both Tesla and Solyndra counted on foreign mining deal exploitations to
generate their long-term profits. Both Tesla and Solyndra are now under scrutiny 
via Goldman Sachs investigations, before the U.S. Congress, for this exact same 
kind of illicit mineral commodity manipulation. Musk’s partner: Panasonic, has 
been brought under investigation for corruption, bribes, dumping, toxic poisoning 
of workers, price fixing and other criminal behaviour.

Musk, Sachs and Kleiner are said to have “bought political protection” by placing 
Steven Chu and Eric Holder in office and financing Reid and Feinsteins campaigns. 
Indeed, the detailed nomination records, financial tracking and communications 
evidence now proves this.

American polls say that American’s have only a 5% trust level, or confidence 
level, in the U.S. Congress. The absolute failure of any credible law enforcement 
action against Musk, Sachs and Kleiner is the exact reason why this number is so 

Mainstream news has published tens of thousands of articles about the corrupt 
activities of these three, yet no State or Federal law enforcement actions are 
taken. The cover-up and “stand-down” orders seem to be epic. They are also glaring
in their obviousness.

For half a decade, more and more American’s have been getting their news from the 
internet instead of the Big 6 controlled media. The old fogies who used to run the
media are now dead, or dying, and the next generation has abandoned cable, 
newsprint and magazines. The old powers do not even know how to use the internet.

The new generation knows what the corrupt few in Washington, and New York, refuse 
to accept: The world has millions of new sources of information and they know what
the corrupt “elites” have been up to.

Aside from the national embarrassment of allowing Musk, Kleiner and Sachs to trot 
down pig trough lane with taxpayer rape-ing impunity, it is a permanent stain on 
the operation of the U.S. Just as Watergate is a stain, still tainting the 
credibility of Washington, the tech-crony scandal will forever tarnish those who 
empower it.


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