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VOAT.CO outs Silicon Valley Political plot

VOAT.CO outs Silicon Valley Political plot

The revolutionary new public discussion website Voat.co has outed a Silicon Valley Cartel plot that is amazing and easy to verify.

Users say that Reddit (where many Voat users “escaped from”), Google, Facebook, Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, Linkedin, Twitter, Craigslist, Apple and Sony have all, now, been shown to have the same financial sponsors and management connections, matched to the same political donations which are matched to the sharing of the same databases and user privacy databanks.

They are concerned that the founder of Reddit may have been forced into “suicide” and the previous CEO may have been ordered out of Reddit, in a strange exit, as a political “hit-job”.

Tests, using staged user accounts, with “sting” test data have resulted in the discovery of the same leaks of user data, from those test accounts, into secret political assessment, psychological profile and analysis systems at Palantir, Recorded Future, Lucidworks and other Silicon Valley Cartel big-data shops. Only the above companies were found to be leaking. Investigators wondered why only these connected companies, out of millions of social sites, had these exact same leaks and exact same political and business connections.

It was also noted that they all only offered sign-up options with each other, as new registration options.

It was also noted that they all had formation connections, and funding from Kleiner Perkins and In-Q-Tel.

It was also noted that they receive regular large wire transfers for “services contracts” from the U.S. Treasury.

It was also noted that this one group of Silicon Valley companies delete, or down-rank, any negative news stories, or postings, about their investors, while pushing any media hype about those investors (ie: Elon Musk) to the top of the page, no matter how BS-y it is.

It was also noted that the entire nations of Russia and China have not only banned, investigated and charged this group of companies with spying, and political ideology manipulation, but have DNS’d them across the whole web.

Voat users have tracked all of the censorship actions by YouTube/Google and Reddit and discovered that every item that was censored exactly, and specifically, only negatively affected the campaign backers of a certain political and business interest.

Voat users also commented that when a certain U.S. President attended live “web discussions” and public “employee town halls”, they only took place on these controlled companies.

Of course, Voat.co users could all just be “…nerd-dorks with nothing better to do, while hiding in their mother’s basements..” as David Axelrod suggested.

But maybe they are on to something here.

What do you think?



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