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Let’s Make-A-Bet With Elon Musk


Let’s Make-A-Bet With Elon Musk

You know how all of those big crime and conspiracy theories have, pretty much, all turned out to be true? The Catholic Church Pedophile Club? – TRUE! The British Elite Pedophile Club?- TRUE! Agent Orange kills you? – TRUE! The Government secretly gave people sexually transmitted diseases to see what would happen? – TRUE! A President of the United States would order Watergate crimes to take place – TRUE! Another president would use the oval office as a Sex palace? – TRUE! The Japanese government “Comfort Women” were sex slaves? – TRUE! ….And on, and on… you know the drill.

In the Age of Transparency, the cycle has become routine:

1.       Rumors appear about famous people doing crime

2.       The famous people have their media shills and “Merchant’s of Doubt” flood the air with disinformation making you think you should doubt the rumors.

3.       Years later the crime is proven, tons of witnesses, come forward, and we all feel like idiots for buying into their cover-up.

So, ELON MUSK, you have a lot of money. Let’s play a game.

We bet you: one million dollars, that you will be discovered to actually be a mobster who was running the middle-man part of a political financing kick-back scheme to fund the campaigns of Obama, Feinstein, Reid and other politicians. We bet that John Doerr and Eric Schmidt were instrumental in setting this crime up, and that all of you rigged the stock market metrics in order to skim cash illegally.

So Elon, if you are so sure of your “moral and ethical” position in this escapade, you should jump at the chance to take this bet, right?

Elon, you like risky things, right? Cars that blow up, Rockets that blow up, Wild women, Speed.. A risky bet should be no problem.  





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