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Former staffers to testify they saw White House bosses arrange organized crime kick-back scam with Elon Musk and John Doerr

Former staffers to testify they saw White House bosses arrange organized crime kick-back scam with Elon Musk and John Doerr


With John Doerr as the presumed “Godfather” of the khaki mobsters known as “The Silicon Valley Cartel” and Elon Musk as the key operative, a pretty big crime seems to have committed and, temporarily, covered-up.

The White House has kicked quite a large number of people out of the West Wing because they “did not properly align with the rest of the office.” Multiple groups of those non-aligners, under promises of immunity, are now prepared to talk and produce rock solid evidence. Recent media coverage seems to confirm their story.

Reporters have now spoken with some of these parties, as they look for outlets to express their frustrations.

So, Did Obama hand NASA and the lithium ion battery industry to Elon Musk so he could conduit cash to campaign financiers John Doerr and Elon Musk? When you track the money through Sunshine filings, the answer seems to be: Looks like it!

Rumors about this have been flying around on the blogs for years, but David Axelrod’s strategy of: “DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE THERE IS A THING AND MAYBE THE PUBLIC WILL FORGET ABOUT IT!” has finally failed.

Every stock holding, every HSBC off-shore fund, every policy action, every beneficiary, every bank transaction, everything!… connects the dots to the same conclusion. The press were finally drawing the same conclusion but these new whistle-blowers seal the deal.

No wonder the Secret Service had adopted an “Oh What the Hell” attitude.

No wonder Musk and Doerr’s buddies Eric Holder and Steven Chu were put in charge of the only doorways.

No wonder a noted Playboy asshole like Musk was handed over 10 Billion dollars of federal perks, at the expense of taxpayers, that he didn’t even qualify for.

No wonder John Doerr was connected to every single Department of Energy cash award “winner” and the competitor to every single Department of Energy applicant that was “rejected”.

The Department of Justice has refused to allow a Special Prosecutor to hear the case, or hold a public examination. What do you think should be done?





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