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How Google Manipulates The Global Internet On Behalf Of Campaign Finance Billionaires


You will almost never see anything bad about Silicon Valley Billionaires John Doerr, Elon Musk, or Eric Schmidt on Google, or it’s sister company: YouTube. You won’t see anything bad about Democrats on Google either. These billionaires fund the Obama administration.

You will see plenty of dark coverage of Putin, Santorum’s “butt froth”, Sarah Palin’s bizarre quote of the day and anything offensive, you can imagine, that these campaign backers want to embed in the public’s mind about those who offend their ego’s.

Google is not a “search engine”, it is an information filter for special interests and a database of the thoughts, and political intent, of every American.  The EU and public lawsuits have now proven that Google manually manipulates it’s “search engine” to harm those it perceives as “not part of the Google way”.

Google built a network based on crossing every network server point on Earth. If you want to find out what a country, person, company, political party, business trend or news outlets is doing, Google can do it even better than the “X-Key Score” CIA spy database that Snowden revealed. Remember that the boss of the NSA is Obama. Obama directs the NSA. He can shut them down, or expand them, with a phone call. He must love Google, for a variety of reasons, aside from the campaign funding.

Google receives large amounts of money monthly from bizarre intelligence sources. Google was funded by In-Q-Tel and other spy front-operations, so this should not be surprising. What is strange, is why a monopoly that is supposedly supposed to be a simple “public service”, gets hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars to do only what a very narrow set of billionaire politicos think is the “right thing”.

In the last 2 years the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Intercept, LA Times, NY Times and Wall Street Journal have published stories about senior level spy officers running massive kick-back, embezzlement, insider trading, self-dealing and other illegal operations. The top spy at the NSA had to quit because of such scandal. The “Navy Silencers Scandal” , the “Patreous Mistress Scandal”, and thousands more, prove that vast taxpayer cash plus no watch-dogs plus spies equals crime.

The EU, The FTC, The ACLU, all of Russia, China and many other governments recognize that Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” mantra is pretty much the polar opposite of what Google does.

Google lobbyists have said that Google is almost solely responsible for making Obama President. Google lobbyists have now been found to have been in the White House more than any other lobbyists or even any other member of Congress.

In the Steven Chu Department of Energy scandal, we now find that only friends of Google got the Department of Energy “Cleantech Cash” and every enemy of Google investors was sabotaged. Nice going Google, you’ve got some clout.

Google, very clearly, tells the White House what to do.

Google goes beyond Republican vs. Democrat in America. Google is the hammer for the intent of a very few billionaires who think they are above the law, spend mass cash on trying to find an immortality drug for themselves, buy islands, hire prostitutes by the plane-load, and have private “hit squads” to take out their enemies. Google is right when they say that “Don’t Be Evil” isn’t their actual motto.

Their actual motto is: “Don’t be evil, be insidious! Lie, cheat, steal and do what-ever it takes to mold the world into our vision of what, we, elite billionaires think the right thing is!”

When taxpayers are forced to give a monopoly their money, and their market exclusivity, and schools, federal agencies and communities are forced to use Google products, George Orwell’s “1984” can only be just around the bend.

Robert is a consultant to the ACLU and the LA Times.


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