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A handy tool to help end corruption. Get the latest news, links, videos, on-line classes and tips to help you improve your life and improve the world around you. Help support anti-corruption programs with this App.

Be directly connected to Washington, DC – 24 hours a day.

Know which bills, laws and scams are under-way, and what you need to do to make them turn out right for the public.

Get the latest insider task force reports.

See hot videos.

Get the latest breaking public policy news, updated every 5 minutes.

Discover the wildest news Memes

and, much, much more…




Well…you can’t donate to the App. Just buy a copy on an App Store. If you want to help independent media efforts, though, make a donation AT THIS LINK.

(If your country wants a version, and you have language experts that can help do the text conversion to your region, get in touch)

The new version of the APP, with over TWICE as much as before,  is in final testing. Stay tuned for release news.


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