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Our commitment to support –

We promise to do everything we can reasonably do to keep the App functioning and ever evolving.

The great part is that we maintain the App on a constant update system on every App Store and we feed it (It is a HUNGRY little App) every 5 minutes with new info.

We work with people from City, State and Federal law enforcement, Universities, Congress, mainstream and indie news publications and the public to get ideas for improvement.


About Community Publishers Alliance

A volunteer community service alliance of non-profit, bi-partisan, free internet publishers and WIKI blogging members of the public, Congress and non-profit human rights organizations. We are supported by over 200M voters and hundreds of pro-bono lawyers and public law firms who will not hesitate to 100% legally terminate any party who is violating our Constitutional rights or censoring our public news, wiki and media sites. Our sites are engaged in no commercial activity and only link to generally known hyperlinks on the web. Any assertion to the contrary is a censorship action which will be actionable.


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Protect the Truth – Support Independent Media!

Corporation controlled "Main-Stream News" is manipulative, misleading, inaccurate, half-truth, BS, agenda-biased propaganda. Never watch it. Never read it. Never buy products advertised on it! Protect the Truth - Support Independent Media!